About imPAW Universe

Meet  the KikiMoji main characters - Kiki cat who's affectionate and curious,
but often dependent, relying on his human parents and friends for help.
His friends Snowie and Latte, the gifted multitasker bunny and teddy bear brought to life by a mysterious elixir of life, goes on many brave and fun-filled adventures with Kiki to locate and return to his home.

Somewhere far..and at the same time not too far away


Meet  the Kiko characters - Kiko cat who's innocent and  naive, but impulsive whenever getting too excited, therefore getting herself into troubles. Her friend bunny often comes to rescue in times of those silly events. As they goes on many adventures around the world and meeting new friends, together
they will unravel and explore Kiko's mysterious place of origin.

Elaine-Kaitlyn Wong
Creator and  Hobbyist Digital Artist of I M PAW Universe

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