How do I subscribe to imPAW Universe email list?

First of all thanks for asking! The email subscription box is located on the bottom of each imPAW Universe page, in the Red boxed area.

What are the advantages of subscribing to the imPAW Universe website?

Here are some sweet perks to having an imPAW Universe account: – You'll be the first to know of any upcoming & major imPAW Universe events – Be notified and to participate in regular freebies and giveaways – The power to like and comment to each post – Connect with other cat and animal lovers – Connect with other Artists/Illustrators who share the same passion for Art and Comics. – Your flexibility in changing your account info and password. imPAW Universe will never share your personal information without consent

Who is the Creator of imPAW Universe

Kat Meister Adores, aka., Kat is the creator of imPAW Universe.

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