KikiMoji Characters

Name: "Kiki"
Ethnicity: Orange short-haired tabby/ginger cat breed, Born in Canada
Background: Dreamer. Lion-hearted. Mischievous. Kat's beloved pet child, adopted.
Likes: All variety of food and drink cuisines. Fine Arts and Music. Holidays and celebrations.
Dislikes: The veterinarian check-up visits.
Motto: "Make your life a masterpiece; Imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do"

Name: "Bear" 
Ethnicity: White polar teddy bear breed, Born in Europe
Background: Romantic. Imaginative. Innovative. Kat's beloved teddy friend since childhood.
Likes: Making others laugh with jokes and pranks. Technology. Higher education.
Dislikes: Bedtime when everyone else is asleep.
Motto: "The power of imagination makes us infinite"

Name: "Snowie"
Ethnicity: Florida white show rabbit breed, Born in United States of America
Background: High achiever. Gifted. Magnificent. Kiki and Bear's new friend and love interest.
Likes: Shopping. Gifts. Multi-tasking. Communicating with others via social media.
Dislikes: Burnouts.
Motto: "Vibrate so high that toxic people in your life fall back, because they can no longer know how to approach you"

Name: "Kat" aka, "Kat Meister"
Ethnicity: Mixed-Ethnicity
Background: Entrepreneur. Visionary. Mastermind. Creator of I M PAW Universe
Likes: Creative Arts and Photography. Economy, Finances, and Politics. Indoor and outdoor sports and activities.
Dislikes: Horror Movies and TV.
Motto: "Dream bigger. DO BIGGER"

Name: "Fatmud"
Ethnicity: Mixed-ethnicity
Background: Risk-Taker. Adventurer. Creative. Successful and bold, a person who creates new genres of creativity, by thinking and doing, outside the box.
Likes: TV and movies. Video games. Sci-Fi and Future Technology.
Dislikes: Crawly spiders.
Motto: "Rules are meant to be broken"

Team Motto: Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing

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